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Kate McKenna

Your audience applaudes you, with appreciation for your vision and the passions it springs from..... XXX

Trev Sparks

I have heard a bit about Extreme Sports. You and Richard have carried Art to Extreme Heights!

Diane Stevenett

I'm in your audience for life! Who needs a Solstice Parade when you've got Casa de Las Ranas...

Paulette Warren

Each king to his/her castle! Visiting yours was a highlight of my own artistic journey -- surpassed only by the joy of meeting you and Richard. Next week I'm off to LA to meet Jolino -- kindred spirits. Hopefully by next year this time I'll be working in my studio. It will not be a Jimmy Ray place -- but it will have it's own charm.


You are so very beautiful and inspiring, ANADO! Thank you for the light and magic you share with the world. You are true love and pure joy! Radiating warm hugs to you and Richard and your amazing Art Sanctuary! See you soon somewhere around the world! :) Aloha, dear friends from Owl and Bear!

Susan McCreight

Well, the world wasn't ready for you when you were growing up. Your art is something I look forward to every day. Your gentle spirit is evident as is your wacky humor. You are a treasure. Someday I will come visit!

lulu torbet

shock and awe shucks. you've made losing look look like winning the lottery

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