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Peace to all of you. He, along with the rest of our departed furry, finny and feathered friends, will be waiting for us!!!

Diane Stevenett

ahhhh Anado….I know this feeling. I lost Jakey two years ago and just yesterday someone mentioned his name and I immediately cried…as I am crying now. Bless the Beasts that bring such divine devotion and love….Jake was more Human than some friends. He had such deep deep devotion as I too rescued him as you did Patzky. Some matches are DIVINELY arranged and I believe THEY will be with us FOREVER! Mates & Keepers come in all shapes and sizes! BLESS YOU & Bless RICHARD at such a tough time. Love Deva Savita


oh, oh, oh, I so loved dear Patzky. What a wonderful tribute you have written. It must have been so awful seeing this photo, so real. Beloved Patzky, in our hearts forever. Sweet sweet boy. I am so very sorry for this huge loss, to you and Richard, and to all the doggies. I know they know.
I love you.

Sheila Largo

What beautiful words for a cherished furry friend..I'm in tears for your loss...and the stirred memories of all the ones I have loved & lost... <3


RIP Patzky <3


So sad for your loss, Anado & Richard. Glad you had Patzky for 10 good years, but what a shock to lose him during your absence. I wish both of your hearts ease and comfort.

Eva Hunter

A beautiful story about Patzky, told with feeling and grace. In telling your story, you put Patzky in our hearts and spirits for a few minutes, and that--after all--is what the best writing does. Love to you, Anado, you lover of all the world has to offer.


OH ANADO AND RICHARD...I am so very sorry..but what a beautiful mind-boggling tribute you have written. I don't have animals..just a stuffed teddy bear dog who sits on my porch. I sent you that famous RAINBOW BRIDGE piece to help your pain:


Susan Parish Schwab

I'm so sorry for your and Richard's loss. I only met Patzky once, but your loving tribute brought a smile to my face reading about your mutual devotion! It made him come back to life again as will the memories you continue to share and relive.




Thank you for putting a name to the uber sweet face I often saw in the mornings driving past your, by the bridge, the black and white Dane mix who is often there, was looking out at the fields, watching a gust of wind dervish thru the tall grass...his brothers will miss him too...

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