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niCk Hamblen

beautifully stated anado...xO


Love, love , love this!!! ♥♥♥

Lorna Ferguson

What a wonderful world is San Miguel that such an event can take place. Well said, Anado - very sorry to have had to miss THE DAY. Love to all! Lorna and John Ferguson

Nora Valeur

Dearest Anado and Richard! I am so happy to have met you and be able to share the most glorious and joiful days of my life with the faboulous people of San Miguel! We'll surely come back and share more joy together! My son has found the best spot on earth for him to live, and the most beautiful and caring people to love!!I love the happy photos! And your candysuit..

Jade Heart

Anado and Ricardo, Sweet Faerie Men. LUVERLY to read of the wild celebration of Kaly and Christians' wedding. LUCKY Fine Fellows to have YOU as their celebrant.
Plan to get to see you as soon as planetary alignment allows.
LOVE from me, Jade Heart and Doncha Luvit.

Bette Solomon

sounds lovely!

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